The Boys' Shelter, Inc. needs your help in providing continuing operating expenses. 

Monetary donations will go toward clothing, educational and recreational activities and future needs.

Donations help us provide for outings, clothing, food and entertainment for the youth, along with building maintenance and upkeep of the facilities.

Some of our expenses that your support can help provide:
• Food for one child for one day: $20
• One night of room, board and supervision for one child: $150
• One month of activities for kids: $250
• One month of fuel for vehicles: $500
• One month of groceries: $1,000
• One month of utilities: $3,5000
• One month of room, board and supervision for one child: $4,200
• One year of cleaning supplies, toiletries, detergent, etc.: $6,000

We ask for support so we can continue to grow, train, license and provide a safe, loving home for vulnerable children touched by abuse, neglect, trauma or loss. We ask to provide a child with a birthday gift, tutoring, celebrate the holidays or experience a day of childhood fun at an area recreational facility. We ask for education funds for teens forced out of care and support because they turned a day older and no longer qualify for foster care. We ask for each child touched by violence, drugs, tragedy or circumstance. We ask because the needs of our children have not changed. We ask because we know you want to make a difference. The time is now. Please donate today.





5904 South Zero
Fort Smith, AR 72903
(479) 646-2819