Do you love children and have time (minutes or hours any day of the week) to devote to children in need?

The Boys Shelter, Inc. is a long-term placement forup to12 boys who have been displaced from their home through no fault of their own.  These boys can be as young as 11years old.  All of these children need some special attention.

Volunteers must be at least 19 years old and have at least three positive personal references.  Background checks arerequired,performed through the Arkansas Criminal Record Check and Child Maltreatment Central Registry Check.  The application must be notarized for signature.

A fee of $11.00 is required for the background checks.  Make check payable to "The Boys Shelter, Inc."

Upon completing this application, you will need to attend one Volunteer Information Session held at the Home.  During the information session, you will learn about the agency, volunteer opportunities,and will be trained to work with the children who reside in the Shelter.

You can pick up an application at the Boys Home, or call for more information at 479-646-2819.

We need approximately $3,000,000 to build a new Boy's Home in Fort Smith, AR. Our current shelter was built in 1978 to house only 10 boys. Despite numerous fundraisers to obtain the money to keep the shelter going, we've only been able to raise enough to make minor repairs as well as pay for the daily functions of the shelter such as food, clothing, utilities, staffing, etc. At this moment, our shelter does not meet current building standards and we have been told it would be cheaper to rebuild than to have the many necessary repairs done for it to pass code. Most of all, we do not have room for all of the boys waiting to come into the shelter. These boys need a place to go as their problems at home prevent them from staying there. We have had to turn away as many as 600 boys since inception due to lack of room. Many times siblings are separated across the state when they are removed from the home. Part of our new shelter will be set aside to house these children to prevent separation in a time when their whole world has fallen apart due to being removed from their home.

Our main goal is to shelter 48 boys, ages 0 to 18. The boys will be welcome to stay in the new home as long as they are in school,including college. We are the only long-term home in our area. Currently the maximum stay in other facilities is 45 days. This means that just as they settle in, they must move again. In our facility they can live without fear of being moved at any time while going to school with their peers. They will receive much needed family and individual counseling in a safe and caring environment. We have been told by area agencies that we will have our shelter full within a week,so the need is critical. This home is not only a necessary home for these boys,but is a much needed service for our community as we guide the boys in changing current disruptive behaviors so they may grow into productive members of our community.

The Boys Shelter, Inc. needs your help in providing continuing operating expenses. 

We are operating in a facility that opened in 1978, with very little amendments since inception.

Repairs and maintenance are now a big part of our budget.  Items pertaining to household goods, such as furniture, kitchenware, office equipment, toiletries, towels, twin bedding, and cleaning supplies are needed now and in the future.

Monies will go toward clothing, educational and recreational activities and future needs.

Donations help us provide for outings, clothing, food and entertainment for the youth, along with building maintenance and upkeep of the facilities.

Some of our expenses that your support can help provide:
• Food for one child for one day: $20
• One night of room, board and supervision for one child: $150
• One month of activities for kids: $250
• One month of fuel for vehicles: $500
• One month of groceries: $1,000
• One month of utilities: $3500
• One month of room, board and supervision for one child: $4,200
• One year of cleaning supplies, toiletries, detergent, etc.: $6,000

We ask for support so we can continue to grow, train, license and provide a safe, loving home for vulnerable children touched by abuse, neglect, trauma or loss. We ask so that a child can have a birthday gift, tutoring, celebrate the holidays or experience a day of childhood fun at an area recreational facility. We ask for education funds for teens forced out of care and support because they turned a day older and no longer qualify for foster care. We ask for each child touched by violence, drugs, tragedy or circumstance. We ask because grant sources have shrunk, donations have dwindled and government funding has been reduced. Although the economy has changed, the needs of our children have not. We ask because we know you want to make a difference. The time is now. Please donate today.


5904 South Zero
Fort Smith, AR 72903
(479) 646-2819